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This page provides four different search options for finding immunization and vaccination information on our site. Each search works independently.
1Keyword Site Search
Search the NNii website by entering keywords below.

To narrow your search, select the section of the site you want to search within. Searching the entire site will search all sections of the site, including the vaccine/disease information database, and will return more results.

3Immunization Newsbriefs Search
Use this link to search the Immunization Newsbriefs archives.

Search Newsbriefs Archives

2Vaccine/Disease Database Search
To search the vaccine/disease database, select the disease of interest to find information ranging from history of the vaccine, to who should and should not receive it.

4State Vaccine Requirements Search
To review vaccination requirements needed before entry into school (by grade level), select a state.

To search by specific vaccines or grade levels, use the search on the Vaccine/Disease Database page.
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