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Immunization Newsbriefs provide an easy way to keep on top of the latest vaccine issues in the news. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (excluding federal holidays), we post summaries of recent vaccine news coverage.

Current Newsbriefs: 02/01/2002

FDA Releases Anthrax Vaccine to Military, Approves More
Washington Post; Page A17
Gillis, Justin

GlaxoSmithKline Set to Begin Human Trials of HIV Vaccine
Financial Times Online;
Jenkins, Patrick

U.S. Doles Out Bioterrorism Funds
Washington Post; Page B1
Hsu, Spencer S.

Whooping Cough Rate Rebounds
New York Times; Page A18

Flu Vaccination Linked to Lower Stroke Risk
Reuters Health Information Services;
Norton, Amy

House OKs Plan for Hassle-Free Shot Exemptions
Deseret News; Page A18
Bernick, Bob

Patch for Vaccines: Scientists Are Close to Ending Patients' Fear of Jabs
Daily Record (UK); Page 34

U.S. Flu Season Yet to Peak, Vaccine Urged--CDC
Simao, Paul

The Changing Epidemiology of Rubella in the 1990s
Journal of the American Medical Association; Page 464
Reef, Susan E.; Frey, Teryl K.; Theall, Katherine

U.S. Officials Watching Canadian Flu Strain
Richwine, Lisa

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