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This section provides you with speeches, professional presentations, articles and more that may help you communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals about immunization.


Communicating With Patients About Immunization: How it Was Developed and How it Can Help You
This presentation was developed by NNii Steering Committee members as well as other leading immunization experts who wish to inform healthcare professionals about NNii's resource kit. Slides may be downloaded and used in public free of charge.

[In order to view and use this presentation, you should have Microsoft Power Point installed on your computer.]


"Vaccines and Infectious Diseases: Putting Risk into Perspective"
Dr. Bruce G. Gellin
American Medical Association Briefing on Microbial Threats
National Press Club, Washington, DC

[June 1, 2000]

"Strengthening the Public's Trust in Immunization: The Challenge at the New Millennium"
Dr. Louis W. Sullivan
1999 African American Immunization Summit

[May 27, 1999]

"Maintaining the Public's Trust in Immunizations"
Dr. Louis W. Sullivan
1998 National Immunization Conference

[July 21, 1998]

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British Medical Journal's 10-minute MMR consultation
This is a part of a series of occasional articles on common problems in primary care. It includes a list of issues to cover with parents who are unsure about immunizing their children with the MMR vaccine, and provides instructions for what healthcare providers should do before, during, and after the consultation with a parent. Please note that the instructions and additional resources given in this series are specifically for British healthcare providers and may not apply to U.S. practitioners.

Thimerosal Workshop
On August 11-12 1999, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee sponsored a Workshop on Thimerosal in Vaccines. The workshop WAS designed to share available information about the issue, review pertinent data on the history and use of thimerosal in vaccines and other products, THE known and theoretical toxicity of ethyl and methyl mercury, and steps that could be taken to increase the margin of safety. Attendees included members of the federal advisory committees that relate to vaccines, including the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the Vaccines and Related Biologic Products Advisory Committee, and the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines, as well as public health officials, vaccine manufacturers and leading researchers in the field.

The transcripts of the meeting have not previously been available online. NVAC has provided them to NNii to post so that all who wish to review this in-depth information and gain a deeper understanding of the issues relating to thimerosal in vaccines can easily do so.

[Please note: due to file size, some may experience slow download times with a connection under 56K modem, please allow time for the file to fully open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.]

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