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Parents have told us that their healthcare providers are the most important source of information on immunization. Here we provide you with the resources to discuss these issues with your patients.

2002 Childhood Immunization Schedule for Your PalmPilot

The 2002 Childhood Immunization Schedule is out.  And if you use a...

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  Communicating with Patients about Immunization  
  All materials in this kit are the product of extensive research with parents, physicians, nurses, immunization experts, and risk communication specialists.

The kit is available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format (download the free Acrobat Reader to view these files). Download the entire kit, each section or specific vaccine information. Click the arrow graphic next to each section or topic you wish to download. Begin Downloading.
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Entire Resource Kit
  Pediatric Visit-Specific Information
Includes specific childhood-visit "talking points" to help you quickly and effectively educate parents about the benefits and risks of immunization, such as 2 and 4 Month Visits, 6 Month Visit, 12 to 18 Month Visits, 4 to 6 Year Visits, and 11 to 16 Year Visits.
  Childhood Vaccine-Specific Information
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Measles, Mumps, Rubella
Pneumococcal Conjugate
    Adult Vaccine-Specific Information
Hepatitis B
Lyme Disease
Pneumococcal Polysaccharide
Tetanus and Diphtheria

CDC Vaccine Information Statements
  Immunization Schedules and Contraindications
Childhood, Adolescent, Adult, and "Catch-up" schedules; and Contraindications and Precautions Guides
  Common Questions
Vaccine Effectiveness
Vaccine Safety
Adverse Events that Follow Vaccines
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
Vaccine Ingredients
Vaccine Research and Development
Recommendation Policies
School Immunization Laws
Immunization Doses and Schedules,
Vaccine Registries
The Immune System and Vaccines
Alternatives to Vaccines
History and Achievements of Vaccines
How Vaccines Work
How Childhood Vaccines are Selected for Routine Use
Monitoring Vaccine Safety.

Additional Resources
Internet and Hotline Resources for More Information
Know the Facts About Immunization
Article: "When Parents Resist Immunizations"
  Bibliography and Index
Includes full citations to all the sources used in the preparation of the Resource Kit.
    Feedback Form
Tell us how to make this kit as useful a resource as possible. Download and mail the form back to us or use the online version.

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